Mission Cohort is seeking to establish a platform for networking amongst mission groups and missionaries through conferences. It also seeks to emphasize the need of young people to be involved in mission work in their sphere of influence and environments.

We have attendees from all over Southern Africa, with the aim to revive a missionary spirit within them. We also help train and equip young people for service at the conference. Our seminars include: Effective Witnessing and Evangelism, Lifestyle, Doctrinal Literacy, Practical Godliness.

Please join us at the upcoming Mission Cohort 2018 conference.

  • THEME: Awuna that thing. One thing thou lackest.
  • DATE: 8th August to 12th August 2018 (Wednesday to Sunday)
  • VENUE: Living Waters (just outside Pretoria)
  • BANKING DETAILS: Bank: FNB (First National Bank)

Bank Account Number: 62631496008

Branch Code: 250645

Reference: Name+Awuna18