This close-out program is an initiative aimed at maturing the 2 Sabbath-school branches from these previously un-entered sites towards becoming fully functional Seventh-day Adventist congregations, under the Trans-Orange Conference. To achieve this, 2 equipped Bible workers are stationed on each site and receive a monthly stipend for their living and on-site expenses.

Testimonies from Bible workers on Site

“One of the joys of being in the field is working with souls, which is not  easy but it gives me such joy to see souls giving themselves to God.  Keketso’s story – we had not had many studies with him. He left Edenville and I happened to meet him at Helbron, and he asks “Is your church around here at Helbron” and that Sabbath  I was attending church at Helbron. Keketso  is one of the products of the career expo that was held last year. So your efforts are not in vain brothers and sisters. Young people’s salvation is so dear to me, my heart was filled with joy just yesterday when a young man David gave his life to the Lord . We had just finished singing  hymn number 25 (‘I surrender all’) a song that he loves so much, when he interrupted the other Bible worker just before we prayed. He asked: “So how do I do this? To surrender…” Not much studies were conducted with him, all that was done was to help him with his university applications and God did the rest. May the Lord be praised.”

“In October 2017 we identified this 14 year old boy by the name Simon M. He was not going to school and had an addiction of smoking glue and cigarettes. We invited the boy into our house for meals and prayers. I approached his mother and she told me a long story concerning the boy which included being expelled from school for violence and other crimes. We prayed for the boy and encouraged the mother to re-visit the school principal for space for Simon. We praise God that this year, 2018, Simon is back in class doing grade 5. He has been enrolled in Pathfinder class and is showing great character improvement. We also assisted the mother in buying school uniform. Furthermore, the Lord gave us entry into Simon’s family and we are progressing well in studying with Simon’s two sisters; one of his sisters has completed VOP lessons this past week.”

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How You Can Contribute

To ensure that this work is a success, Bible workers receive a stipend each month to sustain them and their efforts. A majority of this stipend comes from the donations of generous contributors who give monthly or as a once off donation. As the work continues, we would like to invite you to contribute towards this church planting project.