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Zukiswa Dhlamini

Risk Analyst | Speaker | Mission Cohort Treasurer

Zukiswa Dhlamini2018-04-21T20:28:14+00:00

Martin Matshidze

Accounting Student | Speaker | Mission Cohort Inreach Director

Martin Matshidze2018-04-21T20:25:20+00:00

Perseverance Khumalo

Scientist | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Mission Cohort Training and Resources Director

Perseverance Khumalo2018-04-21T20:22:05+00:00

Nqaba Mntungwa

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Visionary | Mission Cohort Sponsorship Director

Nqaba Mntungwa2018-04-21T20:16:14+00:00

Avumile Mtimde

Architect Student | Poet | Mission Cohort PRO

Avumile Mtimde2018-04-21T19:38:41+00:00

Lungi Sihlali

Economics Student | Speaker | Mission Cohort Communications Director

Lungi Sihlali2018-04-21T20:09:09+00:00

Benny Makoloane

Law Student | Poet | Speaker | Mission Cohort Evangelism Director

Benny Makoloane2018-04-21T19:31:56+00:00

Simon Ngubeni

ARCHITECT | AUTHOR | SPEAKER | Mission Cohort Chairperson

Simon Ngubeni2018-04-21T19:07:19+00:00

Music brings us together in celebration

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Music brings us together in celebration2015-09-02T19:10:01+00:00

How do you give back to others?

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How do you give back to others?2015-06-03T19:52:54+00:00
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